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Hot Chocolate - Every 1's A Winner [180g HQ LP] (vinyl)

Artist: Hot Chocolate
Titlu: Every 1's A Winner [180g Hq Lp]
Gen: Disco&Dance, Funk, R&B+Soul
Suport: Vinyl
Casa discuri: Music on Vinyl,

Format: LP 33rpm
: 1buc
Release date: 25 Jun 2015
Original release date: 1978
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Observatii : 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Reissue

Cod produs: 8718469539055

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7-30 Zile

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1.Every 1's a Winner
2.Confetti Day
3.Love Is the Answer One More Time
4.Some Times It Hurts to Be a Friend
5.So You Win Again
6.Stay with Me
7.Run Away Girl
8.I'm Going to Make You Feel Like a Woman
9.Put Your Love in Me
10.A Part of Being with You
11.Let Them Be the Judge
12.The Power of Love
13.I'll Put You Together Again
14.West End of Park Lane


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