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Andreas Vollenweider - Vox (DualDisc)

Artist: Andreas Vollenweider
Titlu: Vox
Gen: Ambient&New Age
Suport: Audiofil&Hi-Fi, CD, Dual Disc
Casa discuri: Kin Kou,
Nr.buc: 1
Release date: 22 Mar 2011      
Original release date: 2005
Format : CD audio dualdisc
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :
Stare: nou(sigilat)

Link-uri utile :

Cod produs: 0795041756220

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1. Hey You, Yes... You! (At The Gate Of Sound)
2. Wake Up And Dance! (All The Good Reasons...)
3. These Hearts Of Gold
4. Seven Doors
5. Home Of Love
6. Enchanted Rocks
7. Pilgrim (...And I Shall Not Be Sad)
8. The Sons Of Sysiphos
9. Paper Walls
10. Ripples In The Lake Of Time
11. Kira's Waltz
12. What If It Wasn't A Dream?


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