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CORRS The - Talk On Corners [Special ed.] (cd)

Artist: CORRS The
Titlu: Talk On Corners [Special Ed.]
Gen: Folk Pop/Rock, Pop/Rock, Celtic
Suport: CD
Casa discuri: Atlantic,
Nr.buc: 1
Release date: 6 nov 1998      
Original release date: 1997
Format : CD audio
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Stare: nou(sigilat)

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Cod produs: 75678091728

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1. What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)
2. So Young (K-Klass Remix)
3. Only When I Sleep
4. When He'S Not Around
5. Dreams (Tee'S Radio)
6. I Never Loved You Anyway
7. Don'T Say You Love Me
8. Love Gives, Love Takes
9. Runaway (Tin Tin Out Remix)
10. Hopolessly Addicted
11. Paddy Mccarhty
12. Intimacy
13. Queen Of Hollywood
14. No Good For Me
15. Little Wing


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