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Dr. Hook - Best Of Dr. Hook (cd)

Artist: Dr. Hook
Titlu: Best Of Dr. Hook
Gen: Country Rock, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
Suport: Best Of/Compilatie, CD
Casa discuri: Columbia,
Format:CD Audio
Release date:
Original relese date:

Cod produs: 5099749747029

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1.Sylvia's Mother
2.Queen of the Silver Dollar
3.Marie Lavaux
4.Cover of the Rolling Stone
5.The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
6.Hey Lady Goiva
7.Four Years Older Than Me
8.Makin' It Natural
9.Freakin' at the Freakers Ball
10.If I'd Only Come & Gone
11.Carry Me Carrie
12.Penicillin Penny
13.Life Ain't Easy
14.Roland the Roadie & Gertrude the Groupie
15.Acapulco Goldie
16.When Lilly Was Queen
17.Monterey Jack
18.You Ain't Got the Right
19.Sing Me a Rainbow
20.Kiss It Away
21.When She Cries
23.I Call That True Love
24.Mama I'll Sing One Song for You


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