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Frank Zappa/Mother Of Invention - Uncle Meat [2012] (2cd)

Artist: Frank Zappa/Mother Of Invention
Titlu: Uncle Meat [2012]
Gen: Spoken Word, Blues Rock, Jazz Rock Fusion, Avant-Garde, Experimental
Suport: CD
Casa discuri: Universal, Zappa Records,
Produs in: EU
Nr.buc: 2
Release date:  27 jul 2012     
Original release date: 1969
Format : CD audio
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Stare: nou(sigilat)

Cod produs: 0824302383926

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Disc 1:
1. Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme
2. The Voice Of Cheese
3. Nine Types Of Industrial Polution
4. Zolar Czakl
5. Dog Breath In The Year Of The Plague
6. The Legend Of The Golden Arches
7. Louie Louie (at the Royal Albert Hall in London)
8. The Dog Breath Variations
9. Sleeping In A Jar
10. Our Bizarre Perationship
11. The Uncle Meat Variations
12. Electric Aunt Jemima
13. Prelude To King Kong
14. God Bless America (Live at the Whiskey A Go Go)
15. A Pound For A Brown On The Bus
16. Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live at the stage in Copenhagen)
17. Mr. Green Genes
18. We Can Shoot You
19. "If We"d All Been Living In California..."
20. The Air
21. Project X
22. Cruising For Burgers

Disc 2:
1. Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part 1
2. Tengo Na Manchia Tanta
3. Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part 2
4. King Kong Itself
5. King Kong II
6. King Kong III
7. King Kong IV
8. King Kong V
9. King Kong VI


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