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Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky [Limited Ed.] (cd+dvd)

Artist: Mark Knopfler
Titlu: Get Lucky [Limited Ed.]
Gen: Country Rock, Folk Pop/Rock, Pop/Rock, Blues Rock, Celtic
Suport: CD, DVD
Casa discuri: Vertigo,
Produs in: EU
Sistem : PAL
Regiune : All region
Format: CD audio+DVD video
Release date: 14 sep 2009
Original release date:
Durata :   min
Stare: nou(sigilat)
Observatii : cd case

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Cod produs: 602527086712

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1. Border Reiver     
2. Hard Shoulder
3. You Can't Beat The House     
4. Before Gas And TV     
5. Monteleone     
6. Cleaning My Gun     
7. The Car Was The One     
8. Remembrance Day
9. Get Lucky     
10. So Far From The Clyde     
11. Piper To The End

1. Get Lucky (Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot)
2. Cleaning My Gun (Band perfprmance at British Grove)
3. Remembrance Day
4. Mark and Band Members Recording Backing Vocals
5. Studio Tour with Mark and Chuck
6. In the Control Room with Mark and Chuck


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