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Mike & Mechanics - Let Me Fly  [digipack] (cd)

Artist: Mike & Mechanics
Titlu: Let Me Fly [Digipack]
Gen: Pop/Rock
Suport: CD
Casa discuri: BMG,
Produs in: EU
Nr.buc: 1
Release date: 6 Apr 2017     
Original release date: 2017
Format : CD audio
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Stare: nou(sigilat)

Cod produs: 4050538268638

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1.Let Me Fly [4:42]
2.Are You Ready [4:27]
3.Wonder [4:36]
4.The Best Is Yet To Come [4:00]
5.Save The World [4:42]
6.Don't Know What Came Over Me [4:20]
7.High Life [2:49]
8.The Letter [4:55]
9.Not Out Of Love [4:17]
10.Love Left Over [3:27]
11.I'll Be There For You [3:31]
12.Save My Soul [4:49]

Muzicieni :
Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass
Andrew Roachford: Vocals
Tim Howar: Vocals
Luke Juby: Keyboards
Gary Wallis: Drums
Anthony Drennan: Guitar


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