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Perie - Fibra Carbon Blu Alu Audio Anatomy

Artist: Perie
Titlu: Fibra Carbon Blu Alu Audio Anatomy
Tip: Accesorii Pick-up
Casa discuri: Vinyl
Casa discuri: Audio Anatomy,

Highly efficient and easy to use dry-cleaning of vinyl .Antistatic discharge / Soft ultrafine carbon fibres for gentle and effective cleaning / Stowable handle for removing dust / Deluxe Blue Space Edition

Cod produs: 5906660083207

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The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Brush ensures highly efficient and easy to use dry-cleaning of vinyl. The ultrafine carbon fibres enter deeply into the grooves of the vinyl and therefore remove dust very efficiently. At the same time, while cleaning the record, static electricity is being discharged. Thus the two main reasons for disturbed sound reproduction, dust and electrostatics, are removed by using the Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Brush.

Apart from its cleaning capabilities the Deluxe Blue Space Edition impresses with its beautiful design. In order to also keep your vinyl clean from dust after the application of the Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Brush, we recommend to store your vinyl in the antistatic Audio Anatomy Inner Sleeves.


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