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Scorpions - Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of [180g Lp] (2vinyl)

Artist: Scorpions
Titlu: Born To Touch Your Feelings Best Of [180g Lp]
Gen: Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Suport: Best Of/Compilatie, Vinyl
Casa discuri: Sony Music,

Format: LP 33rpm
: 2buc
Release date:23 nov 2017
Original release date:
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Observatii :

Cod produs: 0889854853914

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A1 Born To Touch Your Feelings
A2 Still Loving You
A3 Wind Of Change
A4 Always Somewhere

B1 Send Me An Angel
B2 Holiday
B3 Eye Of The Storm
B4 When The Smoke Is Going Down

C1 Lonely Nights
C2 Gypsy Life
C3 House Of Cards
C4 The Best Is Yet To Come

D1 When You Came Into My Life
D2 Lady Starlight
D3 Follow Your Heart
D4 Melrose Avenue
D5 Always Be With You


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