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STYX - Cyclorama (dualdisc)

Artist: STYX
Titlu: Cyclorama
Gen: Rock/Pop
Suport: Audiofil&Hi-Fi, Dual Disc
Format:Dual Disc
Release date:2010.02.14
Original relese date:

Cod produs: 0676628457627

Disponibil: Indisponibil

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1 Do Things My Way
2 Waiting for Our Time
3 Fields of the Brave
4 Bourgeois Pig
5 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
6 These Are the Times
7 Yes I Can Blade
8 More Love for the Money
9 Together
10 Fooling Yourself (Palm of Your Hands)
11 Captain America
12 Killing the Thing That You Love
13 One with Everything
14 Genki Desu Ka


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