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Talkinh Heads - More Songs About Buildings [LP] (vinyl)

Artist: Talkinh Heads
Titlu: More Songs About Buildings [Lp]
Gen: Indie Rock, New Wave
Suport: Vinyl
Casa discuri: Rhino, Sire,

Format: LP 33rpm
: 1buc
Release date: 18 oct 2013
Original release date: 1978
Inregistrare : studio
Durata :  min
Observatii :

Cod produs: 81227963583

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Thank You For Sending Me An Angel     2:11
With Our Love     3:30
The Good Thing 3:03
Warning Sign     3:55
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls     2:37
Found A Job     5:00
Artists Only     3:34
I'm Not In Love     4:33
Stay Hungry     2:39
Take Me To The River     5:00
The Big Country     5:30


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